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Why Choose Oakfield Leasing?

We at Oakfield Leasing pride ourselves on offering a fast and efficient service to all our customers

Putting in place a credit line within a few hours, contacting the supplier and paying for the asset upon delivery of the equipment.

In today’s competitive market, businesses need to have the most up to date equipment. Leasing offers many advantages over outright purchase by freeing up capital and by bringing tax efficiencies.

Leasing equipment protects your existing credit lines by providing an additional funding source that has no impact on existing bank or credit facilities. We make quality equipment affordable for your business by paying for it in instalments so preserving working capital. We tailor payment plans to your own business needs.

When you are buying commercial equipment, leasing makes investment easy and quick.... We will take care of the whole process from start to finish.

The Benefits Of Leasing

  • Immediate use of the equipment, with no capital outlay.
  • 100% Tax deductible – All rentals can be offset against company profit.
  • Quick decisions – Approvals within 24 hours. Banks can take weeks to arrange funding.
  • Accommodate all the costs – Installation, delivery, warranty & maintenance costs can all be incorporated into the agreement.
  • Fixed monthly payments – Monthly payments are fixed for the lifetime of the agreement allowing you to budget from month to month.
  • Capital can be saved for other profitable purposes.
  • The immediate gain of having the very latest technology, updating every few years.
  • VAT paid each month on the rental, therefore effectively deferred.

Watch a short
video and see the benefits of becoming a supplier

Our video gives the benefits of leasing and outlines the key factors in what makes leasing the sensible choice.

Here at Oakfield, we can finance most types of equipment & software.

Below is a small example of equipment types we commonly finance.

Catering Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment

Epos Systems

CCTV Equipment

Cash Registers

Air Conditioning Equipment

Garage Equipment

Shop Fitting

This is not a comprehensive list so, if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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